You will not have to take the DPS exam
The best thing about our online Adult Drivers Education course is that you do not have to give the written exam anymore, provided that you pass the course. Once you do so, you will also receive a certificate which would state that you have already cleared the written DPS exam. Just present this to the DPS and you will be able to receive your license using the scholar program.

Please bear in mind that if you have never received a driving license before, then you will still have to give the practical examination. Take our and there will be no need for you to sit for the written DPS exam, which is otherwise a must, before you can acquire a driving license.

Instill your confidence Our Texas Adults Driver Education is definitely the simplest and most comprehensive course you would ever come across. So make the right choice and let the industry leaders guide you along the way. As you as you complete the course, we will process your certification and will mail it to you at our earliest convenience.